Dr Nathalie Bernaert

Dr Nathalie Bernaert

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    Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Research (ILVO) Technology & Food Brusselsesteenweg 370, 9090 Melle Belgium (Flanders)


CV Nathalie Bernaert
Nathalie Bernaert obtained in 2008 her Master in Bioscience Engineering, specialization Chemistry, from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at University Ghent. After finishing her studies, she did her PhD in the research group Product Quality and Innovation at the unit Technology and Food in the Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO).
After finishing her PhD, she started in the Food Pilot, a collaboration between ILVO and Flanders’ FOOD. In the Food Pilot, she guides food companies in their innovation with the help of pilot tests and analyses. In addition, she works on different projects, related to valorization of by-products.

Nathalie Bernaert is author and co-author of many scientific publications. She participated at different international scientific conferences where she presented her research results as posters or oral presentations.

Brief description of our research group
ILVO is an independent scientific research institution and service provider of the Government of Flanders and works collaboratively to promote sustainable agriculture, fisheries and agro-food production in Flanders, Belgium, Europe and the world. All these research activities are carried out in close collaboration with the Food Pilot team. Within this Food Pilot, in co-operation with Flanders’ FOOD, versatile equipment and in-house scientific advice is available, making it the ideal venue for agro-food companies to conduct pilot tests or prepare new products before undertaking industrial-scale production. The Food Pilot equipment is multifunctional and applicable to process biomass, to turn raw materials into a diverse set of food products, including dairy, fruit and vegetable juices, soups, sauces, snack foods, prepared meals, fish and meat. Most of devices are mobile installations, which makes it possible to make flexible production lines. Different types of technologies are present that is heating, drying, mixing, freezing, … technology. These technologies are all machinery that are already commercial available on the market. Within the project, spray-drying, pasteurization and evaporation technologies will be used to stabilize the extracted ingredients. These ingredients will be used to formulate food and feed products using the different technologies present in the Food Pilot.
Website: www.ilvo.vlaanderen.be


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