Dr Annelies Dewaele

Dr Annelies Dewaele

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    Konings NV Innovation Center Beringersteenweg 98, 3520 Zonhoven Belgium (Flanders)

Annelies Dewaele graduated in 2012 as a Master in Bioscience Engineering (KU Leuven) and obtained her PhD at the same faculty in 2016. She joined Konings in November 2017 as R&D Engineer, to provide knowledge and support for the different production sites. Besides, she is responsible for the application and monitoring of long-term strategic projects in function of market/customer demands. From November 2018, she will be taking the role of innovation manager.

Brief description of Konings and their Innovation Centre

Konings is an independent producer and co-packer of beverages with focus on (non)-alcoholic beverages for premium and private labels. The expertise of the development of beverages is founded on years of experience in the field of juices, ciders, cocktails, soft drinks, distilled drinks,… Konings has 6 plants: K1, K2, Konings Juices and Drinks (KJD), Konings Drinks (KD), Konings Juices and Drinks UK (KJDUK) and Konings Spirits and Drinks France (KSDFR). At K1, KJD, KD and KSDFR mainly preparation and filling of beverages in glass, can, tetra or PET takes place and at K2 and KJDUK fruit processing is the main activity (KJDUK also has a PET-line). To provide a complete support for the customers, all plants are supported by the Innovation Centre.

The Konings Innovation Centre provides dedicated high level support during the development of new beverages and process optimization. First, the concept will be defined in strong collaboration with our customers after which an experimental and practical setup will be scheduled. Throughout the process the expertise of the Innovation Centre will be provided through our technical knowledge as well as a smooth project transfer from laboratory, to pilot and then to industrial scale. A good internal working relationship with our Operational Department is absolutely essential in ensuring a premium product is achieved from original idea to bottled beverage.